Disaster Crash Course is here to provide valuable information and first-hand knowledge intended to educate you on how to prudently mitigate your next crisis situation.


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Volume I - Water, Washing, and Medicinal
This digest compiles ten great tutorials on a variety of important subjects. Keep it as a reference book, and share a copy with those who may also find themselves in austere situations!
Volume II - Establishing a Disaster Medical Center
What do you do when disaster strikes, and medical facilities are no longer available - but medical professionals are?
Volume III - Medical Fluid Solutions
Something as simple as saline solution, properly produced, can make all the difference in patient outcome - especially right after a disaster situation.
Facility Overview
Take quick tour of our on-going model disaster clinic, which we use to develop these resources!
What have we been up to? See some of the exciting progress that the Lord has enabled!
Projects and Needs
Learn about some of our ministry needs, and what we are further developing.


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