More Finishing Touches in Sterilize...

Praise the Lord, today I was able to get some plumbing parts, and replace all the very old washers in the sink, stopping it from leaking. Also added in an additional special water spigot, designed to help flush out tubing. This really brings Sterilize to a level to where it can handle a variety of specialized processing tasks. It still needs a pre-rinse hose and spray valve.

Info Desk Setup!

Finally got the desk out of nearby storage and set back up again, now that the area and timing is ready.

The Info Desk and Waiting Area are crucial for keeping guests calm and up-to-date - and also out of the way from the busy critical areas. This area also serves to provide them with the ministry resources regarding prophecy and understanding the recent prophetic events.


Today was major re-shuffle day! During a crisis, organization is key. So, starting with the Storeroom, I tightened up a lot of the organization, cleared up floor room, moved items out that could be stored in other areas, etc. - basically making the room very focused, and easy for the staff to find what they are looking for.

Not only is organization key, but so is time-saving methods. To save the Patient Wing staff from making unnecessary walking trips, a supply cabinet was set up near the nurses station. This is stocked with a lot of the common bandages/supplies that would be used in post-operative care. Setting up this supply cabinet also freed up room in the Storeroom.

Also, serious rearranging was done in the Lab, greatly freeing up counter space, providing new shelving and cabinet space for various important supplies, and removing anything that did not belong in that area. This greatly made the room not only more usable, but also helped arrange critical supplies in a much more organized fashion and keeping them readily accessible. My main goal was to have as much as possible ready at fingertip use - instead of having to dig through a box of random supplies. When we started overhauling Sterilize, a number of items were brought to the Lab, due to space. Praise the Lord, this random collection of stuff was finally put where it all belonged!

Sterilize Overhaul

Praise the Lord, we were able to purchase a used 3-compartment stainless steel sink off of craigslist. This has long been needed, especially to help Sterilize handle the expected instrument processing turnover during a disaster.

While the Lord was working out the final details for obtaining the sink, we knew that the Lord was leading in that direction, so I was able to complete a lot of prep work, getting the room ready. This involved ripping out old shelving, and installing plastic backsplash panels, new water lines, plumbing, fixing floor tile - a wide variety of little tasks that definitely transformed the area! Praise the Lord, when I got the sink in the room, it was a very close fit - with just an inch to spare! He gives wisdom, strength, and liberty!

Bulk Water Filter

Yesterday and today involved building a large-capacity water filter. The water needs in a medical setting are enormous, so this helps expedite the process of getting large amounts of clean water. The top tote tank is filled with clarified spring water (which this area has a lot of), and it flows down through PVC containers holding four ceramic filters. The clean water then flows into the lower tank for holding, until it can be pumped to the main water towers. Praise the Lord for this increased capacity! This week seems to have a water focus!

Campus Infographic

In a disaster setting, one of the hardest things to do is bring onboard staff into a setting that they are not familiar with - and to do so very quickly. While we have a lot of resources designed to get the various department staffs up to speed, we needed a way to show them the big picture. This would best help them to understand where they were, especially in relation to other departments that they would need to interact with. Over the past few days, the Lord gave wisdom and liberty for a great infographic to be developed, showing not only the campus, but also visually demonstrating the roles and traffic flows. This was further developed into a printed poster, with labeling and key workflow information. A picture speaks a thousand words!

Water Tower 2 Painting

The patient wing water tank has also been needing a serious black paint job. Previously, it was wrapped with various black plastic tarps - which obviously are not very sightly, either - although they did what they were intended to do. First impressions do matter, when you are asking people to put their confidence in an unfamiliar setting! We got most of the work done today, with just the second coat on the next day.

Water Tower 1 Painting

The main water tank has been needing a serious black paint job, to prevent the growth of algae in the tank. Previously, it was wrapped with various black plastic tarps. Today was the day! It was inspected, painted, and topped off.

Stocking Up...

Praise the Lord, we were finally able to order some more specialty medical supplies, since that had been on hold for several months due to budget. This was a saline-focused order, getting it in several forms for operative and post care.

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