Projects and Needs

Besides the need for General Funds, there are certain specific needs [updated 5/20/2019] that we are prioritizing, particularly to show and provide for the anticipated capacity needs. Your support and partnership is greatly appreciated by this ministry work.

Delayed Tent
In a triage situation, 4 different categories/divisions are used to handle the influx of patients. We already have tents/areas for 3 of the categories (Minimal, Expectant, and Immediate). However, we still lack a tent/area for the final 1 (Delayed).This will be for the patients who have serious injuries, but not quite life-threatening in the short term. They are sent to this area (and addressed as possible), while those with more life-threatening injuries are prioritized. This area and space is extremely important, especially as it acts essentially as an ER waiting and treatment room.

This tent structure will be the second largest tent, at the Brook Cherith, and right across from the Triage/Immediate area; this will allow for quick transfers from one to the other.
Estimated project cost, including outfitting: $3,000

One of the biggest expenses will be in purchasing a large, 12x20 tent.

Lumber and material costs involved in building a solid, level platform (like we did for the large Triage tent).

Like the Triage tent, Delayed will also be treating/tending to patients who have serious injuries - until they can be seen in the Immediate area. Because we have not had a dedicated Delayed area before, all supplies to outfit the new area need to be purchased. This includes bulk medical supplies, instruments, equipment, wheelchairs, tool cart, sink, emergency lighting, etc. These supply costs will be around the same cost as the tent and platform.

Morgue Tent
A 10x10 tent and platform to serve as a temporary staging area for the deceased, out of general sight, until they can be moved to a more appropriate location.
Approximate project cost: $300

Medical Supplies
With the recent addition and expansion of the Triage Tent, and its capabilities - already the few medical stocks have been stretched thin. With the anticipated expansion of the Delayed area, also, the available capacity of the clinic needs a significant boost in common medical supplies to meet the anticipated need; both for immediate treatment, but also for follow-up wound care and recovery.
Estimated supply costs: $1,000

Already, more common instruments are needed, for basic wound care, evaluation, and triage. These instruments are needed especially for multiple areas: Minimal, Delayed, Triage, and Patient Wing. Not only are currently supplies stretched thin, but there are not enough instruments to readily use while Sterilize is processing the already soiled ones.
Estimated supply costs: $600+


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