Projects and Needs

Besides the need for General Funds, there are certain specific needs [updated 5/28/2019] that we are prioritizing, particularly to show and provide for the anticipated capacity needs. Your support and partnership is greatly appreciated by this ministry work.

Medical Supplies
With the recent addition of the new Triage Tent, and totally new Delayed Tent, we've essentially added 5 stations where critical or urgent patients can be attended to - at the same time. Each of these station areas has a hanging pouch with the most important or common supplies that the medic will need to grab. Stocking all of these stations, with enough medical supplies to treat several patients, has required all of the supplies in the Storeroom. Unfortunately, that means WYSIWYG: "What You See Is What You Got"; once those stations run out of supplies, they're essentially out.

Praise the Lord, we've been able to recently upgrade the facility and infrastructure to boost capacity (especially of critical and urgent patients who can be treated simultaneously) - but this also means that the supplies for those areas needs to increase in capacity as well; stocks will be used at a quicker rate. We need a significant boost in common medical supplies to meet the anticipated need; both for immediate treatment, but also for follow-up wound care and recovery.

Desired Supplies: Bulk Orthopedic supplies (roll bandages and wraps, foam tape, slings, various splints, etc.), Bulk Wound Care (gauzes of various sizes, strips, tapes, saline wash, etc.), additional Airway (LMAs, etc.), and additional Examination tools for the new stations.

Already, more common instruments are needed, for basic wound care, evaluation, and triage. These instruments are needed especially for multiple areas: Minimal, Delayed, Triage, and Patient Wing. Not only are currently supplies stretched thin, but there are not enough instruments to readily use while Sterilize is processing the already soiled ones.


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